Contractor Services in Sydney

Micxel Pty Limited offers contractor services in Sydney and is equipped with a team of engineers, surveyors, project managers, engineers, and other consultants who can bring out the best in your residential and commercial projects. Our services include the following:

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations – Micxel Pty Limited offers ease and convenience to every client. We often go to our clients for a site visit and discuss the necessary process during the briefing stage. We offer bathroom renovations to the following areas:

New Residential Projects and Dual Occupancies – We also have the necessary resources and manpower to design and construct new residential projects, be it your dream home or a new business venture. Our team of highly qualified professionals are also experienced in dealing with dual occupancy units, catering to your demands and specifications.

Alterations – Micxel Pty Limited understands the value of a personalised project, which is why we are with you every step of the way as we work on alterations of your residential or commercial projects.

Extensions – We can handle small and large-scale extensions, according to your needs and preferences. Rest assured that we value quality in our every work.

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