5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

10 January 2023

All parts of your home property should be prioritised whenever you plan and design them in the beginning. But even with thorough planning, you may still end up renovating some of its parts. The need for renovation is often prompted by lifestyle changes. Trends may also push you to renovate some parts of your house, especially if you regularly invite guests into your home.

One part of your house that you might want to renovate is the kitchen. Contractors would often work on kitchen renovation projects as this area’s design can become outdated pretty quickly. Additionally, the kitchen often receives modification as its space can become smaller as the household grows old and becomes bigger. While kitchen renovation can often provide added value to a home property, it may also generate issues due to costly mistakes.

If you will be renovating your kitchen, you must avoid these mistakes at all costs.

1. Skip Kitchen Planning

Failing to plan is one of the worst mistakes you must avoid when renovating your kitchen. A kitchen renovation will not succeed if you do not know your project’s end goal and vision. When planning for the said project, you must pinpoint the changes in your lifestyle or household and integrate them into your new kitchen design and layout. The experts and contractors you will be hiring can then help you finalise the kitchen plan before proceeding with the project.

2. Overlook Kitchen Triangle

Your kitchen allows you to carry out tasks between the cooktop, the sink, and the refrigerator. These elements, which make up the kitchen triangle, should be positioned strategically to enhance kitchen workflow. Now, if you overlook the kitchen work triangle, you might end up wasting steps just to reach one of the crucial kitchen areas. If these elements are installed close to each other, you can easily prepare, cook, and serve your meals without any hiccups.

3. Pick the Wrong Flooring

Your kitchen floor will always be exposed to kitchen elements like heat, oil spills, moisture, and many more. Hence, you must avoid picking the wrong material for the flooring. Selecting a wood flooring without the required hardness rating, for instance, may only get damaged by frequent drops and heavy foot traffic. A cork flooring may be picked as it is soft and can dampen sound. It should, however, be protected from direct sunlight to avoid damage.

4. Choose the Incorrect Size

The islands in your kitchen can help provide an informal dining area. It can also be used as an alternative gathering space during family gatherings and parties. In some cases, they can even help extend the kitchen work area. But oversizing an island can be overwhelming for a big kitchen since it will be more difficult to walk around. Installing a big island in a small kitchen must also be avoided as it will only make the area more crowded.

5. Underestimate Storage

One more mistake you should not do when renovating your kitchen is to underestimate your storage needs. Underestimating your storage needs can be a costly mistake since you might end up buying more shelves, cabinets, and others instead of incorporating them into your kitchen design right from the very start. Your kitchen may also be bombarded with unnecessary clutter just because you lack the right storage space for specific kitchen items.

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