When is the Best Time to Build a Dual Occupancy Property in Sydney?

24 February 2023

A dual occupancy property is also known as a multi-dwelling, duplex, or a ‘side-by-side’ development, which refers to the presence of two elements in the same location. These living arrangements provide investors with flexibility and independence while increasing the potential earnings from a property lot. These properties are combined under one title and produce higher returns on investment than two individual residences.

Dual Occupancy Property Types


A duplex is two properties that have shared or adjoined walls. It is a house that has been separated into two different properties that may be purchased individually.

Dual Occupancy

Like duplexes, dual occupancy shares a shared land but no common walls.

Dual-key property

This home has a regular front door and maybe an additional living area, such as a living room or a kitchen. A component of the property has been closed and leased to another resident.

Factors that Affect Building a Dual Occupancy Property in Sydney

The best time to build a dual occupancy property in Sydney will depend on a range of factors, including market conditions, government policies, and personal circumstances. Here are some key factors to consider:

Market Conditions: Dual occupancy properties can be a good investment opportunity, but it’s important to assess market conditions before deciding to build. You’ll want to look at current property prices, demand for rental properties, and projected growth in the area where you plan to build.

Government Policies: Government policies and regulations can impact your decision to build a dual occupancy property. For example, zoning laws, building codes, and taxation policies may affect the feasibility of your project. It’s important to research and understand these policies before you start building.

Personal Circumstances: Your personal circumstances, including your financial situation, availability of time, and goals for the property, will also play a role in deciding when to build a dual occupancy property. For example, if you have the financial resources and time to invest in the project, you may be more flexible in choosing the right time to build.

The Good Time to Consider Having a Dual-Occupancy Property

Demolish and Rebuild

Do you have a large plot of land in space that needs to be demolished and rebuilt? Do you wish to stay in your current area but are tired of your oversized house? If you are faced with either of these situations, you should consider demolishing your existing home and building two new residences. These might also help investors who need to open a piece of the value in their region.

Construct Another Behind the Old

If you have a large area of the room accessible at the back of or adjacent to your house, you may undoubtedly opt for building another dwelling in the overall region of the room. You stay where you are, and your current home remains in salvageable condition. This allows you to extract a fraction of the value from your available land.

Open Land Building

You may go for building two new residences on open land accessible in a greenfield domain but are less thought of. This is because the cost of constructing the following home cannot be justified compared to the value of the land, which is fairer.

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