Eastern Suburbs Bathroom Renovations: Major Benefits of a Bathroom Renovation

14 April 2023

Various rooms and spaces of residential buildings should be designed and built properly so they can remain appealing, functional, and valuable for a very long time. But most of the time, they tend to lose their appeal, value, and others due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your bathroom, for instance, may not be safe already due to the deteriorated quality of its flooring. Its overall style may not likewise be appealing anymore as newer themes and designs are introduced to the construction and design world. Its fittings and fixtures may also be outdated, which can affect your overall energy use and spending.

All these things, fortunately, can be resolved through a bathroom renovation. If you are currently living in the Eastern suburbs and need a bathroom renovation, here are some benefits of this service that you can get from us at Micxel.

Improved Functionality

The functionality of your bathroom can become outdated and inadequate for your needs over time. But through a bathroom renovation, you, alongside a reputable contractor, can reconfigure the space to make it more functional and practical for your needs. Some things you can do during a bathroom renovation to make it more functional are to add more storage, increase the size of your bathtub or shower, or install a double vanity.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is an essential consideration in any bathroom since a lot of accidents at home happen in this specific space. By subjecting your bathroom to renovation works, you can help create a safer environment in this place. For one, your contractor can help install non-slip flooring to make the bathroom safer for the children or the elderly. You can likewise reduce the risk of accidents, falls, and slips in your bathroom by installing grab bars.

Increased Comfort

The bathroom is a space where you go to relax and unwind. However, if this particular space does not maximise features that bring comfort to your household, you may want to opt for a bathroom renovation as soon as possible. A renovation can help create a more comfortable and inviting bathroom by adding features like heated flooring, a spa tub, or a rainfall showerhead. These features can convert your dull bathroom into a luxurious one.

Amplified Energy Efficiency

A bathroom renovation does not only help improve functionality, enhance safety, and increase comfort, but it can also help you amplify energy efficiency. Some fixtures like toilets and showerheads in your existing bathroom may be outdated already. And one common quality of these things is they consume tons of energy. By upgrading them to their energy-efficient counterparts, you can reduce your water use and save money on your energy bills.

Upgraded Design and Style

If your bathroom feels and looks outdated, a renovation from a professional contractor can help you update the style and give it a fresh, modern look. You could choose a new colour scheme or layout, install new lighting fixtures, or upgrade to a contemporary vanity to give your bathroom a sleek and stylish feel that can remain trendy for years.

A bathroom renovation can offer numerous benefits such as improved functionality and enhanced comfort, energy efficiency, safety, and style. If you are considering a bathroom renovation in the Eastern suburbs, you should work with us at Micxel as we can help you design and execute a project that meets your needs and budget.

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