Bathroom Renovations: 6 Bathroom Layout Ideas Homeowners Can Maximise

15 December 2022

All parts of home properties should be planned and designed well so they can work optimally and look appealing for a long time. But even with thorough planning and design, some of them may have to be renovated again to accommodate the changing needs of households.

Kitchens, for instance, are often renovated to ensure that more cooking equipment and food storage appliances can be stored and operated. They are also altered so that more family members can help in the kitchen when cooking and serving meals. Aside from kitchens, homeowners would also change the overall look and layout of living rooms and bedrooms so they can cater to the changes brought by the growing needs of families.

Bathrooms are also part of home properties that may undergo renovations whenever necessary. Many elements may be considered when renovating a bathroom. One of these elements is their general layout. Here are some of the most common bathroom layout ideas that homeowners may choose from.

1. One-Sided Layout

A one-sided layout lines up the shower and the sinks on one similar wall, opposite the door. This bathroom layout can be beneficial for homeowners who want to save on plumbing costs since the fixtures are already aligned in one area. It also ensures that the toilet will not be the first thing people will see upon entering the bathroom.

2. Classic Primary Layout

The classic primary layout, alternatively, is recommended for couples who share one bathroom. It often utilises two sinks, which allows family members to share the bathroom when brushing their teeth or washing their faces. The bathtub and toilet are then separated from the sinks and shower to provide privacy.

3. Long and Narrow Layout

The long and narrow layout is another bathroom layout that homeowners can take advantage of. This layout features a long, horizontal form factor that puts the shower and bathtub on opposite ends of the bathroom. The shower is situated on the same wall as the vanity which is then separated by a pony wall. A freestanding bathtub is recommended for this layout since it gives a great focal point in the bathroom, especially if the window is located above it.

4. Small Space Layout

A small space bathroom layout is perfectly designed for properties with only limited bathroom space. With this layout, the stacked sink vanity and make-up vanity are placed opposite the shower. The toilet then rests in between the vanity area and the shower.

5. Convertible Layout

Perfect for homeowners who constantly want to change the layout of their bathrooms, this layout utilises a bathroom with a soaking tub that can be converted into a shower right away. Even if the space of homeowners cannot support the addition of a bathtub or a conventional shower, they may still opt for an overhead rain shower to enjoy taking a bath.

6. Shared Layout

One more bathroom layout that homeowners can maximise is the shared bathroom layout. This type of bathroom maximises two entryways that may be accessed from two separate bedrooms. The entryways of this bathroom may also be accessed from a bedroom and a corridor. This bathroom houses a toilet and bathtub separated by a sliding picket door. It can then maximise two sink vanity.

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