The Significance of Surveyors in New Residential and Renovation Projects

07 February 2023

New residential properties are meant to provide a comfortable place for occupants to relax after a tiring day. They also serve as the main place for families to forge a strong bond or connection with each other, ensuring that these places will remain lively and dynamic.

But even with good design, these residential properties may still need to be renovated after a few years to fit the growing needs of the occupants. Some families may start to decrease in number as some members have to move out and start their own families already. Others, alternatively, may still grow, which would require them to maximise more rooms than before.

New residential and renovation projects must be carried out optimally to prevent any issues along the way. And one way to make these projects successful is to hire land surveyors.

The Essence of Land Surveyors

Land surveyors are professionals who must be hired during the planning stages of construction projects. They must be present in projects where new construction and renovation are involved. These professionals often maximise telescopic devices mounted on tripods and other tools to effectively gaze through the horizon and carry out other crucial activities.

These professionals carry out land surveys, which are necessary for calculating and charting the land of any construction site. The data obtained from the survey will then be given to architects and other professionals so they can design the properties, plan structures, and ensure that the building can be constructed without any issues in the long run.

During land surveying, surveyors often must mark the boundaries to avoid overlapping with neighbouring properties. It should also be done to prevent gaps, overlaps, and other issues that may only cause costly and time-consuming conflicts.

Hiring the Best Land Surveyors

When hiring land surveyors for projects, property owners should only opt for those who are licensed and certified. Failure to hire one may only cause delays to new construction or renovation. Their output may also not be accepted as evidence in the event of a boundary dispute. Property owners can only hire non-licensed surveyors if they require surveys of existing conditions, infrastructure, construction, environmental surveys, and monitoring.

Once licensed surveyors are hired, they can effectively carry out a survey and mark the boundaries of a property. They can likewise generate a certified plan on request, making sure that the new construction or renovation project can be and has been completed.

Land surveyors should not only have skills, certifications, and experience, but they must also be adept at using the right technology for surveying. They must have access to aerial and terrestrial scanners for mapping. They must also have the tools needed for accurate measurement of the land size and other aspects of the site to prevent problems during construction works.

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