Kitchen Renovation by Micxel: Most Popular Kitchen Layouts You Should Know

01 December 2022

Your home involves a lot of elements before it can be designed and constructed.

Some of these elements include the materials available, your preferred layout, and activities that are expected to be carried out inside the property. Your preferences in terms of the colour, finish, and other physical attributes of your walls, floor, furniture pieces, and others are likewise considered when designing and constructing your beloved property. But one part of your home that is expected to be revamped faster than others is the kitchen.

Your kitchen may have already served you for a couple of years. And while it still allows you to cook meals fluidly, its layout may have to be changed once your space becomes more congested or roomier. If you want to renovate your home kitchen, you must know some of the most popular kitchen layouts first so you can choose one easily.


One simple kitchen layout that is popular in small home properties is the single or straight layout. This layout puts every kitchen element against a single wall. Opting for this layout will keep your counter space and storage area against a wall, which can make everything minimal and straightforward. The only con with this layout is it often lacks the kitchen work triangle that can, fortunately, be optimised by adding an island.


A parallel kitchen, alternatively, ensures that additional workspaces can be added in the said area. It integrates countertops and cabinets that run in two parallel lines on opposite walls. The kitchen work triangle does exist with this layout, which is spaced out between the said walls. A space in between these lines can make kitchen movement more flawless. It also ensures that natural light can shine through a window or door and illuminate everything in this kitchen.


L-shaped kitchens are perfect for properties with small to medium available spaces. An L-shaped kitchen boasts kitchen cabinets placed on two perpendicular walls, forming the said shape alongside cabinets, countertops, and other kitchen elements. One benefit of maximising an L-shaped kitchen layout is it can provide users with tons of counter space. It can also leave spaces for useful corner cabinets, adding more storage options for you. This layout even facilitates a good work triangle for food preparation, cooking, and cleaning.


If you want to add cabinets and countertops on most walls of your kitchen, you may want to opt for the U-shaped kitchen layout. This specific layout places cabinets, countertops, and other elements of your kitchen across three walls, which can make your kitchen work triangle possible. Storage is also improved as the number of counters and cabinet spaces maximised with this layout is abundant. A square or rectangular island can be added to this layout. However, this can only be done if your kitchen is still spacious.


The G-shaped kitchen layout, ultimately, can look similar to the U-shaped layout. The only difference is that the former maximises a peninsula or a partial wall with lower cabinets. This layout helps provide adequate counter space. A special place can also be set up for people to eat and spend their time in the kitchen. This kitchen layout can work well with homes that maximise great spaces.

To help you pick the best kitchen layout for your home renovation, you can contact us at Micxel.

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